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WM also provides the following services* for your Digital Signage deployment:
  • Digital signage network operator
  • Digital signage infrastructure deployment
  • Program hosting, updating, scheduling & monitoring
  • Provision of contents (e.g. news, sports updates, entertainment etc)
  • System support
  • Source for advertisers

* Rates are dependent on client requirements and site conditions


Communication channel:
The government can pass on messages, e.g. H1N1 precautionary measures or ‘Don’t smoke’ campaign to the public.

Enhances customer experience:
Patrons feel enriched with updated infotainment (news, sports updates, IT info, MVs, trailers etc) while waiting in the bus/F&B outlets and in the bank/post offices.

In-house & 3rd party advertising:
Retailers can relay information such as in-house sales, events, new outlets, bestsellers, CSR activities etc in an interactive way. It can also be used to air third party advertisements which reach the targeted audience effectively and efficiently.

Players specifications

Multi-layout Multi-zones or single Zone Displays movie and static images to capture different audience simultaneously or airs one message at a time for maximum attention
Reliability Industrial-grade purpose-built appliance
(24x7x365 operation with almost no maintenance)
Technology Central management & content distribution, with easy updating over the web
Movie, Picture, RSS, Html, Word, powerpoint
Others Non-PC based –Free from costly Operating Systems (Microsoft, MS SQL server licensing) and free from Virus
90% less power consumption than PC