Advertise on Worthy BookTM

A positive image
Become a socially responsible brand via charity activities.

Promote repeat business
With vouchers, people form strong purchasing habits, return for more and consume more.

New customers
Worthy BookTM is relevant to all due to the range of offerings in ONE book. Furthermore, the voucher holder may bring friends/family along.

Cost effective
Our value allows you to advertise throughout the year and own a full page to yourself instead of losing your target market through clutter and sharing ad-space!

Promotional activities
Worthy BookTM will be promoted via competitions, events, charity cheque presentation, corporate office visits etc.

Ongoing promotions
We can send e-newsletters/updates to promote your new promotion/product/outlet etc by leveraging on our membership base.

Measurable results
Easily track how many people redeem your offers.

Furthermore, participating merchants will enjoy one free RM1,300* voucher from 3ntity, Asia’s leading enterprise IT application solution provider, to spend on ACT CRM software, Invu Document Management system, Skygo etc (*Terms and condition apply).